A Mother's Thanks

A Mother's Thanks

Hello, my name is Cora. Let me start by thanking you. Thank you for reading this, for being present for your community as you are for your family. Thank you for making it possible for my family and I to be in close proximity to one another, and providing options and phenomenal care for self and patient. When one is in the hospital, it is really nice to know and experience that your loved one is being cared for. It is one less battle that you have to fight, during such duress. The support and care the Ronald McDonald House of New Haven Connecticut has offered us is one of life’s new mysteries and miracles. In a world of war, politician battles, crime and corruption, the RMH (regardless of where it is located) provides a safe environment one can call home. I know this, because I do call it home.

You have allowed me to be “home” with my children, while one was in the hospital and when out of the hospital, still receiving care, and helped support the process of recovery. The RMH was a fundamental foundation in my family’s recovery, and I am grateful. You have helped bring my family into view with other families experiencing similar distress. You may or may not know how powerful it is to see faces every day, who understand the emotional and mental picture that comes into play with a loved one in the hospital. When it is a parent and child – the parent can’t help but wonder what if…We are able to support each other through connection and gathering. In case you never knew “what it was good for” it is this: you help provide a foundation without cracks in it, to support many families with food, water, shelter, community, (and soap!), during a time they need it most. This is love, and it is felt. Thank you.

With Love,

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