Audrey and Amy

Audrey and Amy

I originally approached Wendy Kirby (House Manager of RMH) to get a list of every single donor to the RMH of CT. I just felt such gratitude that I wanted to hand-write personal thank-you notes to all of you. The staff agreed to help me by sending this via e-mail. My family and I want you to know exactly how you helped us with your generous donations.

My name is Amy Gross. I am the mother of a gifted, mature, comical, and special 15 year-old (Audrey) who also happens to be burdened by multiple chronic and debilitating conditions (POTS/Dysautomia, migraines, depression, and anxiety.) I am also the wife of a very loving, loyal, devoted husband and father of my child. He is also burdened by having to carry all the financial responsibility since I had to quit my job to care for Audrey full-time. You will hear from the three of us in this letter, offering our gratitude for all that RMH has provided us.

My Gracious thank you stems from the fact that although we live in an area of strong medical care options, we have reached the end of what is available for adolescents. Audrey suffers from profound depression that is medication-resistant. Yale is one of the very few facilities to offer treatments beyond medication for adolescents. However, we live in Wake Forest, NC. The treatment that is most likely to help her requires a month or more stay in New Haven, CT. One of the doctors mentioned the Ronald McDonald House.

When I made the arrangements via phone, I was expecting beds and a shower. What we got so much more! So, may I formally thank you for:

  • A wonderful, caring, and friendly staff
  • A full kitchen, community, pantry and fridge, and an ever supply of snacks
  • Lovely foam mattresses to rest our very tired heads at night
  • Communal living and dining areas where we have made life-long friendships formed through collective struggle
  • Bingo games to divert our attention for a couple blissful hours
  • Maria and the others who work tirelessly to keep this place sparkling clean
  • Wendy, who makes this place run so smoothly and comfortably
  • The lovely artwork that softens our day
  • And everything else that makes this place a God-send.

I have a guest room for any of you in Wake Forest.

Amy Gross

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