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Family Room at Baystate Children's Hospital

More Families, More Love

For families with a child receiving treatment at Baystate Children's Hospital, the medical journey can be overwhelming, filled with long days of testing, treatment, and inpatient care. These families often put their own needs aside to focus entirely on their child's health and well-being. That's why Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts is proud to announce a new partnership with Baystate Children's Hospital to provide a dedicated space for respite and support within the hospital walls.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room will offer a quiet retreat just steps away from pediatric units, allowing families to recharge and refresh without straying too far from their child's bedside. In this comforting space, parents and caregivers can grab a bite to eat, rest in comfortable chairs, or simply take a moment to breathe. By bringing the care and compassion of a Ronald McDonald House into the hospital itself, we can ensure families have access to the support they need during even the most difficult times. With your help, we can keep families together when it matters most.

Family Room Features

Rest and Relaxation

Quiet space with comfortable chairs to relax and unwind

Kitchen Area

Space offering beverages, snacks, and a sense of normalcy

Massage Chair

State-of-the-art chair promoting health and wellness

Internet Access

Charging station and Wi-Fi to keep families connected

Reading Materials

A variety of books and magazines for much-needed downtime

Freshwater Aquarium

Soothing aquarium creating a calming, meditative environment

Coffee Station

Complimentary coffee and tea to help caregivers recharge

Compassionate Hospitality

RMHC staff and volunteers offering a warm, supportive welcome

The Difference a Room Makes

The Ronald McDonald Family Room at Baystate Children's Hospital will provide an invaluable source of comfort and support for families navigating the challenging journey of childhood illness. By offering a peaceful respite from the stress and intensity of the hospital environment, this space will allow parents and caregivers to recharge both physically and emotionally. Having a quiet place to rest, reflect, and find a sense of normalcy can make a world of difference during long days spent worrying at their child's bedside. The Family Room will ensure countless families have access to these essential moments of relief when they need it most.