A Project of Compassion

A Project of Compassion

RMHC CTMA had the opportunity to create new videos to raise awareness of our organization and to celebrate everything that happens in our House to bring our mission to life. Thanks to a generous gift from the Rudy Ruggles Family Foundation, we partnered with StoryReal Studios and Karas & Co. Marketing for this project. The energy, passion, and dedication they brought to capturing stories was incredible. Their work brings to life the human element behind everything that happens within our Houses and provides moving on-screen moments that tell stories of hope, compassion, and generosity.

Each team member embraced the opportunity to get to know our families and volunteers and become a part of our RMHC family. We were moved by hearing what RMHC CTMA means to them and their reasons “WHY” they embraced this project.

Luke, StoryReal Studios
I chose to work with Ronald McDonald House because through film, we can uncover a lot of emotion and human connection and this is an organization where that is super apparent. We’ll take out our cameras and we will be catching smiles, laughter from real families who stay in the House. That is something you don’t get to see on every shoot. So being able to be here and be part of telling that story of showing what happens in the House to other people is a driving force. At the end of the day at Storyreal Studios, we want to use videos as a vehicle to make the world a better place to make people more connected to each other and help people empathize with the shared human experience.

Isaiah, StoryReal Studios
Working with the RMHC has allowed to me to feel like I'm contributing to a greater cause. Seeing charities on TV isn't the same as seeing people in person who are actually helping those in need. It's very fulfilling to capture all the hard work that the volunteers put in to make people feel welcome and it has truly been an eye-opening experience.

Keith, Freelance cinematographer
It was an incredibly special experience to work with RMH and help tell the stories of both the families that receive support and the staff who work tirelessly to care and provide for these families. Each story was so personal and profound, I am so glad I was able to play a part in spreading the word about such a wonderful community of givers.

Tom & Alexa, Karas & Co. Marketing
Over the past decade, RMHC has shown us in every capacity what unconditional love is. From starting as a volunteer in college, cooking homemade meals in the kitchen, and connecting with families, each visit has shown us how much love goes into the mission. This year, our team had the opportunity to capture many of the great memories and testimonials of the families that have stayed in their homes. We were honored to be able to listen to their stories and open up about their experiences, so more people can learn about RMHC. This organization has made as much of an impact on our lives as we hope we've made at the houses in CT and Western MA.

Check out the videos this amazing team made!

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