Donor Spotlight: Our McDonald's Family

Donor Spotlight: Our McDonald's Family

We believe the Owner Operators, managers, and crew members of our local McDonald’s restaurants, Corporate employees, and associated vendors are our McFamily.

They embrace our mission and incorporate raising awareness and fundraising for RMHC in the way they do business every day. McFamily members step it up a notch and bring their support and compassion of RMHC families to the forefront of their daily activities and help customers donate and give hope, kindness, and compassion to RMHC CTMA families. They support our families 365 days a year through the donation box program, Round-Up for RMHC, and donations for every Happy Meal sold. Annually, they raise additional funds through special in-restaurant campaigns such as Give A Little LOVE where customers can donate $1, $3 or $5 directly to RMHC CTMA and by donating $0.25 for every Shamrock Shake sold during a special week in March. They played an essential role in building our Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut by donating both individually and collectively as business owners.

They also get hands-on outside of their work hours by coming directly to our Houses to donate and cook meals for families, collect wish list items families use daily, decorate and celebrate special occasions and holidays, and beautify our Houses inside and outside by cleaning and landscaping.

Our McFamily proudly supports all our special events by providing sponsorship dollars, attending, and volunteering to help ensure the events run smoothly and are a huge success. They bring warm smiles, interact with our guests, and help us raise as much money possible through raffles and contests held on site.

Each McFamily member is an ambassador for RMHC CTMA in their own way. Whether it is working behind the scenes to introduce and connect us to their business partners, lending support and insight to ensure fundraising campaigns are a success, or asking customers to Round-Up for RMHC when they take an order, everyone is dedicated to the same idea - giving care and support to the children that rely on RMHC CTMA to provide a home where they can be with their family while receiving the medical care they need.

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