The DeFelice Family

The DeFelice Family

When Bob and Kate found out they were expecting twins, they were shocked and excited. Kate had a challenging pregnancy and was ultimately referred to a specialist. One of the very first resources her care team mentioned was the possibility of staying at the Ronald McDonald House while their identical twins were cared for in the NICU. Commuting almost an hour each way to visit their sons daily did not seem like the best option while Kate recovered, so they found themselves experiencing the magic of the Ronald McDonald House first-hand.

“When we arrived at the House, we were greeted by welcoming staff, a calm and comforting environment, and a sense that we were in the right place. Even during COVID, the House was warm and friendly. It was so nice to be able to cook a warm meal, do laundry for the babies, and relax, knowing that you are just a crosswalk away from the NICU. RMH was instrumental in helping to make our NICU experience less stressful by allowing us to spend more time with our boys and less time in the car. If it weren’t for the Ronald McDonald House we would not have been able to be together as a new family. When Bob’s paternity leave ended, he was able to work from the House while I spent time at the NICU, something I would not have been able to do otherwise as I was recovering from my c-section and could not make the hour-long drive by myself. We loved the convenience of having a full kitchen on site so we could prepare meals and rely less on getting takeout. The fact that we were able to prepare healthy meals when it worked for our schedule made a world of difference, not only in our ability to maximize our time with the boys in the NICU, but also for my overall recovery.

RMH gave us the gift of being able to be a brand-new family.

Because of the House, we could be actively involved in the early care of our boys. We were able to build stronger relationships with our clinical team and bond with our little ones from the very first day. The NICU experience is stressful, so having the opportunity to be close by our babies and communicate openly with their care team is one of the greatest gifts a family could receive. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House, a less than ideal situation was made so much more manageable.

On the surface, RMH is a home away from home for families who have a child undergoing medical care. In reality, it is so much more than that. The House is comfort, offering families peace of mind knowing they are just a short distance from their child. The House is the family you never necessarily wanted but are so glad you have, sharing laughs, warmth, and empathy throughout a difficult time. The House is strength, providing the opportunity to recharge and the resources to keep families focused on recovery.”

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